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Using Twist in the Literature Community

Twist & Project Communication 

If you started a new literature community project in the last week, you may have noticed that we are starting to use Twist for project communication. We've had some questions pop up as a result, so I thought we'd answer those so they can benefit others in a FAQ style blog post!
 How do I access the Project channel in Twist?
 You can access the project channel by clicking the Discussion Group tab in your project site. It will pop open another browser tab with your project channel.

How do I post messages in the Twist project channel?
Please click the Project Updates thread and type in your comment in the field at the bottom, then click Post. Please don't start a new thread each time you post.
Remember to use @mentions (@ then type in the person's name you wish to notify in particular).
You can start a new thread, but only if it's a new subject you want to keep separate like pronunciation issues, OCR errors, etc.

Where do I find project channels for Textbook Community projects?
We have not yet moved textbook community project communication to Twist. They will still use Google Hangouts which are accessed using the Hangouts link at the project site.

Twist screenshot showing channel list on left

I'm lost...where do I find my project channel?
If you logged into Twist directly instead of coming to it through the project site and can't find your project channel, remember to look in Channels. It will start with Project and channels are listed in alphabetical order:
If you use Twist on a mobile device or smaller screen, the channels may not appear until you hover over/tap the left side of the app.

Why are we doing this again? (I don't like change!)
Our communication methods prior to Twist had several issues, i.e., user caps on Google hangouts, login issues and user conflicts with Google Groups, inability to edit or delete comments in Google hangouts, etc.
We really appreciate your understanding and patience so much as we make this switch!

How will I know when my narrator/listener makes a post?
If they used an @mention with your name and you set Twist to email you when you have an @mention post, you should receive an email notification from Twist when there's a new post. Notification settings are accessible using the bell icon at top right in the Twist app.

When I click on the Discussion Group tab, it asks me to login. I click Google login and it closes immediately.
This is a known bug in Twist when you use Google login in the Chrome browser that is not logged into a Google account. Twist is aware of the issue and should fix it soon. In the meantime, there are two remedies you can use:

  • Sign into Chrome with the Google account you want to use in Twist:
    • Open Chrome.
    • In the top right, click the button with your name or People icon.
    • Click Sign in to Chrome.
    • Sign in with your Google Account.
    • Note that if you have multiple accounts, you can create a new Chrome profile for each account and switch between them using the profile icon at top right; or
  • Log into Twist by typing in your Google account. You'll need to follow this procedure to set your Twist password initially:
    • Enter your Google account email in the email field;
    • Click Continue with email button;
    • Click Forgot your password? link, 
    • Check your email and click the Reset your password button in the email from Twist Support;
    • Enter your desired password;
    • Then use that email login option each time you initially go to Twist. 
Thanks again for joining us on Twist and learning this new communication tool! We appreciate you so much and please reach out to with any additional questions or concerns about Twist!

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