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Volunteer Stars!

These were our top ten volunteers contributing service hours in June 2020:

  1. Eileen Yen: 148
  2. Michael Hegarty: 116
  3. Marsha Poppie: 112
  4. Rosemary McDonald: 109
  5. Les Wiesenfelder: 107
  6. Joe Clark: 106
  7. Don Sheetz: 91
  8. Tyla Johnson: 90
  9. Beira Winter: 88
  10. Brook Melesse: 86

This is where you can log service hours! This form is easy to use and you can check your service history with us too.

First time logging hours? 

Your login name is the email address you entered as a new volunteer; it will also be the address where you receive our newsletters. You'll need to set a password by clicking the Need a password? link.

Please consider sharing some pictures with our community by uploading them to our Facebook Volunteer Team or our  Volunteer Submitted photo album!

Contact staff or with any issues.

Instructions (NEW printable PDF!)