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Welcome to the Pre-Production Community!


Do you ever wonder how the textbooks make it into EasyBooks?



How does THIS:
page from spanish-language social studies book
   become THIS?
spanish book in EasyBooks


In the past, only staff, and maybe a very few scattered volunteers, set up books for production.  In late 2017, however, Learning Ally created a Pre-Production Community also known as the TOC Team.  Currently, a number of dedicated volunteers work on setting up books, using Learning Ally's WebTOC app to transform the information from pdfs into .html files for EasyBooks. TOCers serve the community in a very special way, making the recording process easier for the other volunteers, and lightening the load for staff members, who still set up books as well, but now have some relief so they can focus on other tasks.









The requirements of this job are an eye (and love) for detail, some computer ability, regular time to devote to the task, patience, and a PC, Mac, or Chromebook.  Going through the pdf page by page, the TOCer types in every heading and its placement within the book, creating files along the way. One TOCer says, “It’s a great way to get to know the books very intimately, and to see ahead of time which books I might like to read or QC.”  


Think you have what it takes to become a TOCer?  The TOC Team is open to any interested volunteer with the desire to try the task.  For more information, contact staff member Sarah Klipper (  We’d love to have you on the TOC Team!