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  1. Join us on Twist! Twist is an app that serves as a group chat for our audiobook volunteers and team leads.
  2. Click the link to QA Team Channel and click the Join button at the lower right. Once you're in, you can meet additional volunteers and ask questions.
  3. To adjust your notification settings, click the bell icon and change email notifications to @mentions and 1:1 messages only.


What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

QA is the final step in the process of creating an audiobook. In a nutshell, it means playing our books back just like our students will, and checking for anything that interferes with an enjoyable reading experience.  Some of the things we test for:
  • Navigation. Can the reader move through the book easily and get where they need to go? Is the structure of the book sound?
  • Synchronization. Our finished VOICEtext books feature audio that is synchronized to match up with highlighted text on the screen, with the highlighting "following" the voice as the book progresses. So it's important we check to make sure everything stays "in sync."
  • Typographical errors or other problems with the text. Obviously, this one can be a real distraction!
  • Performance. Is the narrator creating an engaging listening experience for our students? 

Interested in helping out with this? Click one of the buttons below to get started:  


A Happy Reminder: Why Do We Review?

Because our students deserve the very best! Knowing some of the incredible hurdles our students have overcome to achieve their best means we're duty-bound to do our best to help them succeed. Making sure our audiobooks support their education, and make them feel empowered as readers and learners, is our mission. That's why any errors, lackluster reads, audio problems, or any other distracting issues are a big deal.
Listen like you imagine they would: if you are unhappy with the audiobook, chances our members will be too, so always report any problems that negatively affect the experience, no matter how minor. 

Here's proof of the impact Learning Ally can have on struggling students:

Questions, Concerns, Comments?  Use Twist to communicate with fellow volunteers and the Learning Ally staff members, or search our Support Center.