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Mary Alyce and John Merow Lifetime Milestones

Volunteers awarded the Lifetime Milestones Award are recognized for donating an extraordinary amount of service and hitting a new milestone in their service hours this year. Volunteers who receive this award have reached milestones ranging from 500 hours to 8,000 hours of service and demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting Learning Ally’s mission. Thank you so much! 

8,000 Hours

Diane Nawrocki

7,500 Hours

Les Wiesenfelder

6,000 Hours

Donald Sheetz

5,000 Hours

Beira Winter

4,500 Hours

Joseph Clark

Clifford d'Autremont

4,000 Hours

Kathy Lee

3,000 Hours

Bill Payne 

2,500 Hours

Betsy McClure 

Ellen Campbell
Richard Piper

2,000 Hours

Annette Oliveira
Maryfran Annese

Susan Snookal

1,500 Hours

Steven Sittig

1,000 hours

Gerard Iturralde
Anne Raugh
Robert Sutherland
Shelley Cincotta
Joseph Smith
James Strong
Eric Raff
Barbara Kadlec

500 hours

Sheila Kerwin
Sheree Koppel
BettyAnn Kram
Adrianne Ondarza
Almaelisa Giovannucci