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  1. Join us on Twist! Twist is an app that serves as a group chat for our audiobook volunteers and team leads.
  2. Click the link to QA Team Channel and click the Join button at the lower right. Once you're in, you can meet additional volunteers and ask questions.
  3. To adjust your notification settings, click the bell icon and change email notifications to @mentions and 1:1 messages only.


Getting Started with Literature QA


#1 Quality Assurance (QA) Introduction

QA is the final step in the process of creating an audiobook. In a nutshell, it means playing our books back just like our students will, and checking for anything that interferes with an enjoyable reading experience.  Some of the things we test for:
  • Navigation. Can the reader move through the book easily and get where they need to go? Is the structure of the book sound?
  • Synchronization. Our finished VOICEtext books feature audio that is synchronized to match up with highlighted text on the screen, with the highlighting "following" the voice as the book progresses. So it's important we check to make sure everything stays "in sync."
  • Typographical errors or other problems with the text. Obviously, this one can be a real distraction!
  • Performance. Is the narrator creating an engaging listening experience for our students? 
  • The Learning Ally Audiobook app is the software our members use to access their audiobooks, and includes both audio (the narration) and visual elements (the text of the book and the highlighting). We also use it for our QA review-- that way we can be sure we're testing the same experience our members will have. It's a web app, so reading (or testing, in our case) can be done almost anywhere! Please be sure to view the following videos for an overview of the app interface and a tutorial on how to approach testing a book. 

#2 Training Videos

Watch the following two short training videos.

Audiobook App Controls & Book Management

Note that a link to our audiobook app is below...but don't log in yet! 

How to QA

Note that links to your Assignments, Guidelines and Worksheet are linked in #5 below and at the top of this page. 

#3 Join the Twist Team QA chat channel

Here's the place for any questions you may have regarding reviewing titles in the QA community. 


  1. Join us on Twist!
  2. Change email notifications to @mention only
  3. Link to Team QA Channel


#4 Open the Learning Ally Audiobook app

You MUST USE a special username and password for QA! Please do not try to create or use your own login. 
  Username: QAVolunteers
  Password: learningally
Click here to open the web-based Audiobook app.  

Guide to Getting Started with Learning Ally's Audiobook app.

#5 Complete your first QA title review 

  1. Select your audiobook on the Assignments page;
  2. Load the audiobook you're reviewing in the web-based Audiobook app;
  3. Open the Literature QA Worksheet. This form will ask for concrete questions about potential problems you may find in the book. Read the form before starting the review of the book, so you will know what to look for. You need to complete one form for every book you review;
  4. Begin the QA process and jot down any issues you find along the way (review the Guidelines if needed);
  5. Sign up for another book if you can; you can review as many books as you like!
  6. Be sure to log your service hours at our Log Hours page.