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For current Literature Community members, here's a link to our Literature Portal.

Watch the above video for a good one minute introduction to the Literature Community!
Volunteer tasks in this community include:

  • Narrators: we’re looking for friendly voices that can read aloud with fluency, which is critical to comprehension for students with learning differences. Narrating literature is more than just converting words to audio. We are looking for narrators that will bring books to life through their voices! Based on the needs of our students, we have a stringent audition process to find the right voices to match the content.
  • Listeners: these important production volunteers are critical to delivering high quality audiobooks and a positive student experience. Listeners provide quality feedback to Narrators on the production of literature audiobooks. This includes highlighting issues with fluency and tone, mispronunciations, audio issues and other reading mistakes. Do you love audiobooks? You could be a good "Listener" for this community!

The new Storyteller Course is available at our training site for volunteers who want to record literature and juvenile fiction. Note that there's a Voice Test at the beginning to ensure that you have the kind of voice suited to this type of material.

If you're interested in becoming a Listener, contact Daniel Casper.