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Mary Alyce and John Merow Above and Beyond Awards

Volunteers awarded the Above and Beyond Award are recognized for consistently going the extra mile in their volunteer service. These volunteers are selected individually by staff members who work closely with our volunteer teams. Volunteers who receive this award are chosen for their passion, hard work, and selfless donation of their skills and time across various volunteer roles. We appreciate you! 


Listen to the award recipients announced here:


Bob Anderson
Maryfran Annese
Davida Bagatelle
Carol Bateman
Nola Bragg
Karina Brown
Michelle Buchecker
Shelley Cincotta
Joe Clark
Cliff d'Autremont
Cara Firestone
April Forwood
Kurt Heringhausen
Sherri Jacob
Ben Kaplan
Sara Katzen
Sheree Koppel
Richard Kozelka
J.B. Kump
Jane Loose
Linda Mancia

Betsy McClure
Jim Myerberg
Don Nelson
Arwa Ouali
Bill Payne
Sara Phan-Wittry
Adele Phelan
Richard Piper
Anne Raugh
Don Sheetz
Cynthia Shelmerdine
Steve Sittig
Joseph Smith
Susan Snookal
Barbara Stoebenau
Paula Strumph
Caleb Summers
Adoesha Taylor
George Vella-Coleiro
Jim White
Les Wiesenfelder