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Mary Alyce and John Merow Lifetime Milestones

These fantastic volunteers are the backbone of our organization and hit these incredible milestones in the past year. Thank you so much!
Listen to the award recipients' names announced here:

7,000 Hours

Jerry Byrd

6,000 Hours

Caren Snook
Barbara Stoebenau
Les Wiesenfelder

5,000 Hours

Virgil Howarth
Don Sheetz

4,000 Hours

Ann Krohn

3,000 Hours

Robert Anderson
Richard McCurdy
Elizabeth Sherer

2,500 Hours

Lindsey Dodson
Jim Myerberg
Bill Payne
James White

2,000 Hours

Susan Green
Judith Lanzinger
Betsy McClure
Rosemary McDonald
Mary Schiavone

1,500 Hours

Maryfran Annese
Janet Cappers
Annette Oliveira
Bonnie Patterson
Don Savarese
Eileen Yen

1,000 Hours

Valerie Fenwick
April Forwood
Nick Jones
J.B. Kump
Cynthia Shelmerdine

500 Hours

Deane Bell
Justine Eng
Sherri Jacob
Suzanne Mobarak
Anne Raugh
Alison Seymour
Joseph Smith
Buddy Snipes
Robert Sutherland