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Mary Alyce and John Merow Lifetime Milestones

Volunteers awarded the Lifetime Milestones Award are recognized for donating an extraordinary amount of service and hitting a new milestone in their service hours this year. Volunteers who receive this award have reached milestones ranging from 500 hours to 7,000 hours of service and demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting Learning Ally’s mission. Thank you so much! 
Listen to the award recipients announced here:

7,000 Hours

Les Wiesenfelder

4,000 Hours

Joseph Clark
Beira Winter

3,000 Hours

David Yudin

2,500 Hours

Ellen Campbell
Richard Piper

2,000 Hours

April Forwood
Susan Snookal

1,500 Hours

Kathy Cummings
Vicki Davis
David McAlary
Vincent Oddo

1,000 hours

Susan Crawford
Kurt Heringhausen
J.B. Kump
Thomas Lockhart
Linda Mancia
James Morrison

500 hours

Richard Kozelka
Justine Lantgios
Melanie Morton
James Whisson