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Getting Started with Literature QA


#1 Install Learning Ally Audiobook app


The Learning Ally Audiobook app is the software our members use to access their audiobooks, and includes both audio (the narration) and visual elements (the text of the book and the highlighting). We also use it for our QA review-- that way we can be sure we're testing the same experience our members will have. It's compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS and Android mobile devices, so reading (or testing, in our case) can be done almost anywhere! The app is available for download in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Please be sure to view the following videos for an overview of the app interface and a tutorial on how to approach testing a book. 


You MUST USE a special username and password for QA! Please do not try to create or use your own login. The login info is on the Assignments page. 


Click here to download the Audiobook app (Options for PC, Mac,  the App Store or Google Play) 

Guide to Getting Started with Learning Ally's Audiobook app 

#2 Audiobook App Controls & Book Management

#3 How to QA

#4 Join the Twist Team QA chat channel

Here's the place for any questions you may have regarding reviewing titles in the QA community. 

  1. Join us on Twist!
  2. Change email notifications to @mention only
  3. Link to Team QA Channel

#5 Complete your first QA title review 

by signing up for a title in the assignments page linked above, reviewing the title in LINK, and submitting the QA worksheet.