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Volunteers of the Month - December 2022

Volunteers of the month, thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated their time in December. We saw 126 volunteers serve last month. We are so grateful for your continued support of our mission! 


Al Kendziora

Alexandra Bitton-Bailey

Alexandra Kiehnau

Almaelisa Giovannucci


Amy Shanahan

Ananya Rao

Andrew Li

Andrew Wu

Andy Cui

Angela Skubovius

Ann Krohn

Anne Raugh

April Forwood

Araceli Ortiz

Ava Waddell

Ayesha Benice Lim

Barbara MacGuigan

Barbara Stoebenau

Beira/Alice Winter/Allen

Betsy McClure

BettyAnn Kram

Bill Payne

Brannon dollar

Brian Colquist

Brian Hill

Carol Bateman

Carolyn Welcome

Cheri Bonnell

Courtney Heaton

Cynthia Fok

Cynthia Shelmerdine

David Vincent

Davida Bagatelle

Deane Bell


Deirdre Schiefen

Denise George

Diane Nawrocki

Donald Sheetz

Dorothy Liston

Earl Johnson

Elizabeth Sherer

Ellen Campbell

Eva Folch Muixi

Gary Mitchell

Howie McDonell

Iris Wong

J.B. Kump

James Morrison

James Sie

James Strong

James Whisson

James White

Jane Loose

Janet Cappers

Jerry Byrd

Jim Myerberg

Joe Diomede

John Kaplan

John Sandlin

Joseph Clark

Joseph Smith

Justin Hogue

Justine Eng

Karina Contreras

Kate Coventry

Kate Marine

Kathy Lee

Keliane Wouappi

Kenneth Klinkner

Kimberly Krasowski

Kurt Heringhausen

Lawrence Mack

Les Wiesenfelder

Leslie Gallagher

Lewis Angell

Linda Ani

Linda Graves


Marjan Labib

Maryfran Annese

Maya Zadlo

Megan Jenkins

Melanie Morton

Noelle O'Reilly

Nola Bragg

Paul Deleeuw


Qiyun Zhou

Rachel Pao

Rahab Manyika

Richard Kozelka

Richard McCurdy

Richard Piper

Robert Anderson

Robert Ellsworth

Robert Sutherland

Ronak Kothari

Sandra Richardson

Sarah Peters

Sarah Sung

Shaan Udani

Shanda Braxton

Sheila Kerwin

Sheree Koppel

Sheri Hinton

Simon Elgar

Steven Sittig

Susan Campbell

Susan Crawford

Susan Newman

Susan Snookal

Susan Stanley

Tara Sitrick

Thomas Lockhart

Tianna Alley

Tim Lounibos

Valerie Fenwick

Varun Varshney

Vicki Davis

Victoria Blackburn

Vincent Oddo

Vyana Pillai

Willem Ells

Yeva Hakobyan

Thank you for a great 2022!

Warm wishes and a happy new year to our volunteers


It's been another great year of making a difference with our Volunteers! We're so glad you were here with us in 2022. Whether you volunteered your time or simply stayed engaged with our mission, we're happy you've been a part of our community, the Volunteer Nation.


The impact you made: 

We saw 200+ volunteers share their skills across 30+ projects each month, bringing stories to life in the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution and Excite Reading and supporting strategic initiatives to grow reach, engagement, and impact. In total, 2,790 volunteers served, and over 35,470 service hours were donated. 


How you helped:

  • Volunteers helped create our solutions, from prepping books for narration, assisting the production process, and post-production editing and quality assurance. 
  • Volunteers helped drive growth through research projects, school outreach, donor appreciation campaigns, educator engagement, and piloting 1:1 tutoring. 
  • Volunteers helped increase essential funding by supporting school renewal and back-to-school seasons, assisting with partnership prospecting, and engaging in corporate volunteer events. 

You, our incredible volunteers, are the heart and soul of Learning Ally’s mission. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and passion with us. Together, we’re able to serve 2 million students nationwide, providing them with transformative education solutions and supporting over 450,000 educators across 21,000 schools to provide support and empowerment to become literacy leaders. I am so happy I work with people like you every day. 


A few notes before you go: 

  • Learning Ally will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd. Please reach out with any questions before the break. 
  • Join in the festivities: Share your favorite holiday recipe, shout out a Learning Ally community member you appreciate (a friend, volunteer, staff member, etc.), or tell us about a favorite moment from this year with Learning Ally. Our friends from the Educator Community and staff are sharing too! Click here to join in.
  • Heading home for the holidays? You can continue volunteering in any of these roles and get your friends and family involved! Don’t forget to log your service hours. You can log your hours on the volunteer portal here
  • Get excited! Upcoming events with Learning Ally can be found here
  • Stay in the know in the New Year: Update your contact information to continue receiving emails, event invites, and important information about Learning Ally and volunteering. 


On behalf of the entire team here at Learning Ally, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 


Maria Lelie

Program Manager, Volunteer and Community Services