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Volunteers of the Month - August 2022

Volunteers of the month, thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated their time in August. We are so grateful for your continued support of our mission! 


Aaryan Balu 

Aayati Patel

Adoesha Taylor

Afifa Roja

Alessia Rodriguez

Almaelisa Giovannucci

Ananya Rao

Anastasia Hoisington

Andy Cui

Angelica Dilao

Angeline Balkissoon

Ann Krohn

Annalise Milmine

Anne Gibson

April Forwood

Arunmoy Das

Arwa Ouali

Ayesha Benice Lim

Barbara Stoebenau

Beira/Alice Winter/Allen

Betsy McClure

Bill Payne

Brooke Sanchez

Carol Bateman

Carolyn Welcome

Chiamaka Atuchukwu

Cynthia Shelmerdine

Daria Kukharenko

Darren Cao

David Angelo

David Thackara

David Vincent

David Yudin

Deanna Anthony

Diane Nawrocki

Don Nelson

Donald Sheetz

Elizabeth Blizzard

Emma Owendoff

Emma Schuren

Eric Raff

Eric Wroble

Erin Siu

Evelyn Umezinwa

Garv Sen

Gary Mitchell

Gregory Winter

Haleema Khalid

Halina Bustin

Howie McDonell

Ilana Raykin

Isabella Impalli

Isaiah Young

J.B. Kump

Jalynn Somerville

James Sie

James Strong

James Whisson

Jane Loose

Janet Block

Janina Edwards

Janujan Vaseekaran

Jason Parr

Jeness McConnaughhay

Jennifer Shelley

Jerry Byrd

John Kaplan

John Sandlin

Joseph Smith

Justine Eng

Kacy Combest

Karina Brown

Kathleen Li

Kathryn Radisky

Kathy Cummings

Kathy Lee

Kellie Lam



Kian Sanchez

Kurt Heringhausen

LaNecia Edmonds

Laura Pugsley

Lauren Olipra

Lauren Rodriguez

Leah Collon

Les Wiesenfelder

Lewis Angell

Linda Liu

Linda Mancia

Lindsay Kraemer

Lisa Joseph

Ly Pham

Maddie Held

Makayla McAllister

Malia Hopper

Marcia Meldrum

Mariem Sellami

Martha Hughes

Mary Ellen Foster

Maryfran Annese

Matthew Jennings

Megan Jenkins

Meliora Dockery

Mesha Washington

Michelle Strae

Nick Jones

Nina Blount

Owen Yingling

Palak Grover


Priyanka Gijare

Raaga Suravarapu

Rachel Stone

Ramita Singh

Rich Palmer

Richard Kozelka

Richard McCurdy

Richard Piper

Robert Anderson

Robert Ellsworth

Robert Sutherland

Robyn Greenhouse

Ronell Hurt

Roy Monsivais

Sandra Richardson

Sara Katzen

Sara Phan

Selia Sitzer

Shaan Udani

Shawn Poindexter

Sheila Kerwin

Shelley Cincotta

Sheree Koppel

Shirley Warren

Simba Mudiwa

Sindhu Kavuru

Soraya Butler

Stacey Arabia

Stephen Swift

Steve Holmlund

Steven Sittig

Susan Crawford

Susan Hackel

Susan Newman

Susan Snookal


Thomas Lockhart

Tyler Smith

Valerie Fenwick

Vanesalyn Davis

Ved Patel

Vicki Davis

Victoria Blackburn

Vincent Oddo

William Slammon




Email Security Best Practices

In a digital volunteer environment, it's essential to protect yourself on the internet. Safeguarding your email and digital identity has become increasingly important. As an organization that offers virtual volunteerism and frequent use of email, we want to recommend email security best practices to ensure our volunteer community is protecting itself against bad actors.


Learning Ally recommends the following best practices to help you protect yourself against bad digital actors: 


Change your password regularly and use a complex password. Top tips for a secure password

  • Do not reuse passwords
  • Do not use information about yourself such as age, name, city, pet’s name, etc
  • Use special characters such as $@!#

To do list


Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - based on your provider

  • Many email providers offer two-factor authentication as an additional security measure. This method requires a password and some other form of identification, such as a biometric or a mobile phone number, to access the two-factor authentication.

Setup a recovery method with a phone number or alternate email address

  • Most email providers will walk you through this step when setting up your email for the first time. However, you can also find guidance on setting up a recovery method from your email provider in the settings section.

Run a virus and malware scan


Check if your email has been compromised on other platforms


You can always find more email tips on our Support CenterIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

The Volunteer Nation Team