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Volunteers of the Month - May 2023

Volunteers of the month, thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated their time in May. We had 138 volunteers serve last month. We are so grateful for your continued support of our mission! 

A very special welcome to all new volunteers who joined us this past month, and THANK YOU to all returning volunteers. smileyheart


Achella Ramirez
Adrianne Ondarza
Alex  Manalo
Alexandra  Van Wie
Aliya Dogan
Almaelisa Giovannucci
Amanda  Carpenter 
Angelina Li
Anne Raugh
Annette Oliveira
April Forwood
Arwa Ouali
Asha Okora
Barbara Stoebenau
Beira/Alice Winter/Allen
Betsy McClure
Bill Payne
Bonnie Hanks
Brea Shaffer
Breanna Lewis
Brooklyn Baird
Carol Bateman
Christopher Brown
Clifford d'Autremont
Constanza Ruff
Cynthia Shelmerdine
Danya Mariger
David Vincent
David Yudin
Davida Bagatelle
Deane Bell
Denise George
Diane Nawrocki
Don Nelson
Donald Sheetz
Donna Vogel
Elena Tiffany
Elizabeth  Dalla Betta
Elizzabeth Witts
Ellen Campbell
Emily Zheng
Gaurika Bora
Genie  Miraglia
George Vella-Coleiro
Georgette Moses
Hannah Bloir
Heather Mckee
Henry Walsh
Howie McDonell
Iara Hocsman
Isabel Kumar
J.B. Kump
Jalyssa Barney
James Sie
James Strong
James Whisson

James White
Jason Young
Jennifer Caldwell
Jennifer Jinmaku
Jennifer Perree
Jillian Yetter
Jim Ettwein
Jim Myerberg
Joseph Clark
Joseph Smith
Juan Alejandro Ampudia
Juniel Navarrosa
Justin Hogue

Kashish Bhardwaj
Kathy Lee
Ketrina Childs
Laura Neibaur
Layan Alawami
Lee Ann Remington
Les Wiesenfelder
Leslie Gallagher
Leslie Harris
Lewis Angell
Linda Liu
Linda Mancia
Linda Mazzarella
Lou Del Bianco
Madhavan  Prasanna 
Malcolm Morency 
Maria Gonzales Jackson
Maryfran Annese
Michael Faillace
Michelle Rozenfeld
Michelle Williams
Nicholas Blakeslee
Nicholas Roberts
Noelle O'Reilly
Nola Bragg
Qiyun Zhou
Raphael Marcelo Geli
Raquel  Rosser
Rebecca Fredrickson
Renee Sumbry
Renita James
Richard Godden
Richard Kozelka
Richard McCurdy
Richard Piper
Robert Anderson
Robert Ellsworth
Robert Sutherland
Rohan Movva
Rohit Kumar
Samantha  Monaghan
Samantha Cedeno
Sandra Richardson
Sarah Kuhns
Shaan Udani
Sheila Kerwin
Shelley Cincotta
Sheree Koppel
Shunyu Yu
Sophie  Massey
Sophie Sinclair
Stacy Dugan-Wilcox
Stephanie McDaniel
Steven Sittig
Susan Campbell
Susan Crawford
Susan Goldberg
Susan Newman
Susan Stanley
Thomas Lockhart
Tim Sullivan
Tristin House
Valerie Fenwick
Varun Varshney
Vicki Davis
Vincent Oddo
Wayne Lane
Willem Ells

Volunteer Appreciation Month 2023: Activities and Events

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!


Your unwavering support of students and educators nationwide is truly remarkable, and we want you to know just how much we appreciate your efforts. That’s why we’ll be celebrating YOU all month long. 


Whether you volunteer in one of our audiobook production roles or participate in strategic initiatives, such as call campaigns, research, or educator engagement, your efforts open up a world of opportunities for students who struggle with reading. Your support in each volunteer project helps Learning Ally provide essential resources for students, educators, families, and schools, bringing us closer to achieving literacy for all. If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer yet, we're still glad you're here! Your interest in our mission leads to a greater awareness of our solutions for students.  


To give you a glimpse of your impact, we have a special message from Mrs. Purvis, the mother of Justin Purvis, a student who has been using Learning Ally since his freshman year of high school. Hear what Mrs. Purvis has to say about volunteers. Thanks to your support and Learning Ally's Audiobook Solution, Justin is now attending university to pursue his passion for drawing. Read Justin’s story and check out his artwork, now on display at Learning Ally's headquarters.  


To celebrate your impact on students, we have some exciting things planned this month! Here’s what you can look forward to: