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Volunteers of the Month: September 2022

Volunteers of the month, thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated their time in September. We are so grateful for your continued support of our mission! 


A'rese Emokpae

Aayati Patel

Adele Phelan

Adoesha Taylor

Alessia Rodriguez

Amy Jensen

Amy Smith

Angela Skubovius

Angelica Dilao

Angeline Balkissoon

Angie Kalen

Ann Krohn

Annalise Milmine

Anne Gibson

Anne Raugh

April Forwood

Arthy Santhanakrishnan

Arwa Ouali

Ashley Huang

Ava Waddell

Ayesha Benice Lim

Barbara Russell

Barbara Stoebenau

Beira/Alice Winter/Allen

Betsy McClure

Bill Payne

Brannon dollar

Brian Hill

Carol Bateman

Carolyn Welcome

Catherine Helms

Chetan Casalena

Clara O'Hara

Craig Abbott

Cynthia Shelmerdine

David Thackara

David Vincent

David Yudin

Davida Bagatelle

Deane Bell

Diane Nawrocki

Dioni Collins

Don Nelson

Donald Sheetz

Edwin Beck

Eknoor Dhaliwal

Elaine Wang

Elizabeth Blizzard

Ellen Campbell

Emily Zheng

Emma Schuren

Eric Raff

Eric Wroble

Eva Folch Muixi

Evelyn McCauley

Gregory Winter

Hazel Cuendet

Howie McDonell

Isabella Impalli

Isaiah Young

J.B. Kump

James Sie

James Strong

James Whisson

Janet Block

Jason Parr

Jeanie Salmonski


Jennifer Guerrero

Jennifer Jinmaku

Jennifer Perree

John Kaplan

Joseph Clark

Joseph Smith

Justine Eng

Karina Brown

Kate Coventry

Kathy Cummings

Kathy Lee

Kellie Lam

Kurt Heringhausen

Les Wiesenfelder

Lewis Angell

Linda Liu

Linda Mancia

Lisa Joseph

Ly Pham

Maria Delgado-Loyola

Martha Hughes

Mary Ellen Foster

Mary Loreto

Maryfran Annese

May Brymn

Maya Dycaico

Meghana Nayak

Nancy Bober

Naomi Mayo

Nicole Brehnan

Nina Goncalves Vieira

Owen Boyle


Priyanka Gijare

Raaga Suravarapu

Rachel Stone

Ramita Singh

Richard Kozelka

Richard McCurdy

Richard Piper

Robert Anderson

Robert Ellsworth

Robert Sutherland

Sandra Richardson

Sara Katzen

Sara Phan

Sarah Sung

Shaan Udani

Sheila Kerwin

Shelley Cincotta

Sheree Koppel

Shirley Warren

Sindhu Kavuru

Sophia Iliev

Stacey Arabia

Steven Sittig

Susan Crawford

Susan Green

Susan Newman

Susan Snookal


thekra alkadee

Thomas Lockhart

Tianna Alley

Tyler Smith

Valerie Fenwick

Vincent Oddo


Learning Ally's Spooktacular Community Event 2022

Join us for Learning Ally’s Spooktacular Community Event that brings together Learning Ally volunteers, employees, and educator community members on October 27, 2022, 5:00-6:00 pm ET/ 4:00-5:00 pm CT. 


Whether you're actively volunteering or interested in reengaging with volunteer opportunities, we invite you to attend! Mix and mingle with new friends and old in this afternoon of fun. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the many people who make up our Learning Ally community!


We welcome you to wear your costumes, bring your best corny joke, and cozy up with your favorite drink. 


Sign-up here to attend and we’ll send you all the information you need!