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Important Email Tips to Be Sure You Receive Our Emails

We recently learned that some of our volunteers are having trouble receiving email communications from our Volunteer database. We ask that all volunteers review the following steps to ensure you are receiving emails from us! 


Why it's important: 


  • We use emails to share volunteer opportunities, reminders to log service hours, important updates regarding Learning Ally and volunteer projects, invites to upcoming events, and so much more. 

How you can be sure you receive our emails: 


  1. Start by checking your SPAM folders to see if our emails are being sent there. If you do not see any emails from us in your SPAM, move on to the next step. 
  2. Ensure your email is up-to-date in our database! To do this, head to the Log Hours tab and log in. The email you use to log in here will be the same email we have in our database and the one you should receive communications to. If you do not want to receive emails to this account, please update your email on while you're logged in by heading to the Profile Settings.
  3. Add us to your safe-sender list: Many people use email filtering tools to reduce the amount of unwanted SPAM they receive. In some cases, these email filtering tools can also block legitimate mail from reaching you. If your email system uses SPAM filters, you can prevent these filters from blocking our email messages by adding our mail system's email addresses to your safe sender list or white list. See below for details on how to do that.

To do list


To add us to your safe list, follow the instructions for your email provider:


  • America Online: If you have AOL 9.0 Enhanced, go to keyword "address book" and put,, and in email address fields in your address book.
  • MSN Hotmail: Select "Options" and then "Junk Email Protection" and add,, and to your Safe List.
  • Yahoo Mail: Click the "Addresses" button, then select "Add Contact." Enter,, and to your contacts list.
  • Other ISPs: Some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) enable spam filters that you can turn off or update to your preferences. Check your ISP's website, or contact their technical support team, if you believe you are missing messages from us. Ask them to be sure messages sent by,, and i are always accepted.
  • Microsoft Outlook: From the Outlook menu choose "Actions," then "Junk Email," and then "Junk Email Options." Select the "Safe Senders" tab and then click the "Add" button. Enter and then click the "OK" button. Repeat these steps for and
  • Other Email Software: Check your email software options or settings screen to see if you can add,, and to a white list or safe list of senders that are never filtered.



To send us an email message, send your message to "," or click "reply" on a message we've sent to you. 


You can always find more email tips in our Support Center


If you have any questions, please reach out to us. 

The Volunteer Nation Team 


Volunteer Q&A and Conversation Event Recap

On December 6th, 2021, our Learning Ally Production team and volunteers came together for an afternoon of Q&A and conversation. During this meeting, we shared new volunteers opportunities, how to get involved, demonstrated the new audiobook work areas, connected volunteers with staff members, and provided opportunities for volunteers to ask questions and chat with us. We enjoyed seeing so many of you attend live and look forward to having you volunteer with us!


If you'd like to learn more about volunteer opportunities within audiobook production, we encourage you to watch the recording of the event below. To get started volunteering today, browse our available volunteer opportunities.


December 6th, 2021 Volunteer Q&A and Conversation Event: